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Your Energy Envelope

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It’s your protection

Your home’s energy envelope separates and protects you from the elements outside. It includes the foundation, walls, roof, windows, doors, insulation and air sealing — everything that helps keep your  family safe and your home comfortable year round. Because the envelope of your home is critical to how much energy it takes to warm and cool your home, we test it twice and guarantee its performance.

  • FOUNDATIONS are exciting because they outline your home’s footprint — you can walk around inside the boundaries and begin to imagine where your rooms will be! So here’s what should you look for in an energy-efficient foundation.
  • WALLS begin to define your interior spaces, and it’s about this time you start wondering if your rooms are too big or too small. Trust in your design and look for these features to ensure your walls will keep you safe for years to come.
  • When the ROOF goes on, you can finally walk inside and feel somewhat protected from the elements. Learn here how roof construction affects the amount of energy your home uses and how it can survive increasingly powerful storms.
  • WINDOWS are the eyes of a house – or so someone said – but it’s true, like eyes they DO let you see the world outside. Window size, shape, frames and placement all influence your home’s character, define your views, and affect your access to healthy, natural day-lighting.
  • DOORS do more than simply let you in and out of your house. They make a statement to guests, display your style, protect your privacy and help maintain your indoor environment. Learn more about choosing yours here.
  • INSULATION and AIR SEALING are the hidden heros of an energy efficient, holistically green home. A Stitt home uses soy-based spray foam insulation, which effectively air seals your energy envelope and insulates it at the same time. But there’s more to it than that.

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