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Be Dry and Comfortable

Fox Blocks ICFs keep your lower level floors and walls from becoming cold, damp, and smelly. These interlocking foam blocks insulate your home’s foundation and keep indoor temperatures comfortable. A moisture barrier keeps water outside so your floors and walls stay dry. No mold—no smell!

Be Safe and Sound

Use ICF blocks to create a safe room in your home, or build your entire house with them. ICFs protect you from the damaging winds and flying debris in tornado’s and hurricanes.

They’re also great for controlling sound from
► A theater-quality surround-sound system
► A recording studio or music room
► Teenagers
► A nearby highway or sports stadium

Required Accessories


A thick waterproofing material combined with a tough adhesive-backed membrane to keep ICFs dry. Apply the waterproofing to the outside of the blocks and the adhesive membrane to the cold joint to stop water migration.

Termite Protection

Wrap the top of all ICFs with an adhesive-backed membrane and use an environmentally safe pesticide to keep termites, ants, and beetles from damaging your home’s foundation.

We recommend a borate-based pesticide that is accepted by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the International Building Code as an alternative to more toxic soil treatments.

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