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Choosing Doors for Your Home

Exterior doors add personality to your holistically green, custom home, and you can choose from dozens of styles to get the look and functionality you want. Your door choice will also affect the performance of your home’s energy envelope.

Insulated steel doors come in a variety of styles, won’t warp or crack, and require minimal maintenance. They’re the best choice when you want security. Choose from a smooth or textured finish and how much glass you’d like – if any.   We recommend all glass in doors, sidelights and transoms meet Energy Star standards when possible. Insulated steel doors are paintable, and you can make a unique design statement with your color choice. If you prefer a stained door, a fiberglass unit is a better choice.

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Deck and Patio Doors

For easy access and clear views to your deck or patio, try sliding or French doors. Both are available in Energy Star models. Our standard sliding doors have multi-chambered, insulated vinyl frames and double weather stripping for strength, energy efficiency and air tightness. Adjustable, heavy-duty rollers require no lubrication and are nearly maintenance free.


All exterior doors on your Stitt home are installed with adhesive flashings to prevent air and water infiltration. Since thresholds are prone to air leaks, we recommend doors with adjustable thresholds to keep your home comfortable and draft free for years.

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