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Custom Homes

Green Home Builder

Stitt Homes designs green and sustainable homes across the country. Every home we create is designed to fit your site and your unique way of living. Currently, most Stitt Homes are located in Northwest Arkansas, but we have built energy-efficient homes in 18 states. Every home we create is designed to fit your site and your unique way of living.

When done right, green building produces an ultra-comfortable home with the lowest cost of ownership. It also conserves resources and protects the environment for future generations. Our homes:

  • Make intelligent use of energy through the energy envelope and furnishings
  • Are structurally resilient in a changing environment
  • Support well-being and healthy living
  • Protect precious water resources
  • Reduce waste and encourage reuse
  • Preserve nature and wildlife
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Our Approach

Committed to Clients

A Stitt home assures you of ultra-comfortable living, low energy bills, and the satisfaction of being environmentally responsible. To create a better home, we rely on experience, building science and collaboration with you and your local builder. This unique approach streamlines the design/build process into a rewarding experience for everyone.

Advanced materials and techniques researched by building science professionals create stronger, healthier, more efficient homes. Energy Star and other ‘green’ building organizations support those advances, but state and local codes have not kept pace. Inspectors look for minimum code compliance and make no guarantee of home comfort, durability or energy performance. The Stitt Group does – we employ building science and consistently build to a higher standard. We confirm that by testing each home and providing a written energy guarantee.

Our collaborative approach to the design/build process gives you control over your floorplan, finishes, budget and builder. Because your floorplan is often affected by the views, elevations, and features of your building site, we visit your site before the first design meeting. After sharing your ideas with our design team, we create your floor plan together. We estimate construction costs as we go to ensure the floor plan stays within budget.

We also pre-screen builders to find those who have good references and have established relationships with quality vendors and subcontractors in their area. Choose the one you’re most comfortable with, and let the adventure begin!

Our unique and proven process is a rewarding way to build your dream home. Rely on our experience, building science and our approach to create a better home that’s ultra-comfortable, energy smart, and a joy to live in every day.

Our Projects

Beauty and Efficiency

Our team of experts has completed many highly efficient home building projects in the Rogers, AR area! Check out our galleries below to explore more possibilities for how your home could look!

Energy Smart Homes

Green Building

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