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Building Energy-Efficient Foundations

Your Stitt home foundation begins with concrete footings that meet or exceed local building codes. They’re surrounded by drainage tiles or forms that carry water away from your foundation to keep it dry and free of mold.

Foundation walls are formed with Fox Blocks insulated concrete forms (ICFs) reinforced with steel. After the concrete is poured, work begins on the interior slab. A vapor barrier and reinforcing steel are put in place to create a floor that handles loads with ease and maintains a consistent, comfortable temperature. Surrounded by ICFs, your home’s foundation has an insulation value of R-22.

The advantages of a Stitt Home

Eliminate Thermal Bridging

ICFs eliminate thermal bridging—a phenomenon that occurs when uninsulated foundations and framing materials create a ‘bridge’ between the inside and outside of your home. Heat moves easily through a thermal bridge. Imagine the difference between touching a cup of boiling liquid with your bare hands and then touching it with gloves. Same phenomenon—you WANT to stop heat transfer—it helps keep you comfortable AND it saves energy.

Prevent Mold and Protect Your Health

To eliminate moisture buildup in your foundation, we apply a waterproofing membrane to the exterior of your ICF walls. We also ensure your foundation has adequate drainage. Both help your home meet Energy Star 3.0 guidelines for moisture control. A well-built energy envelope ensures your home will be free of mold and the odors and health issues that come with it.

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