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Absolutely! And you’ll often save time by doing just that. Our Designers will review your plan for energy features, ways to conserve materials and how to place it on your site to take advantage of the view. Or maybe we can help in other ways that will ultimately save money. This is also the perfect time to make the floor plan changes you want.

South-facing glass captures free solar energy to help heat your home in the winter, plus it brings in natural daylight year round. We use appropriately-sized overhangs to shade the glass in the summer and keep your home from overheating.

We can’t change that, but we can design your home to take advantage of those views regardless of orientation! We’ve built energy efficient homes that face every direction and still take advantage of free solar energy.

We encourage keeping trees! Deciduous trees near your south-facing walls naturally cool your home in the summer. Coniferous trees to the north provide protection from cold winter winds.

Yes. These drawings are suitable for bankers, appraisers, code inspectors, and subcontractors.

That’s a difficult question to answer! We’ve built homes that have cost more and others that cost less. One thing is certain: we’ll provide the best quality, most comfort, and the lowest cost of home ownership because what you spend on energy and maintenance will be much lower starting the day you move in.

You, your builder, and Stitt all provide a portion of the materials that go into your home. Stitt provides everything that makes up your home’s energy envelope including

  • Energy envelope and structural materials (windows, exterior doors, framing lumber, trusses, etc.)
  • Insulation, caulk and foam for air sealing
  • We also supply ventilation equipment, fireplaces and free-standing stoves

Not necessarily. Insulation is just one of many components that create an energy efficient home. No matter how much of it you install, if your home has air leaks around windows, doors and plumbing and electrical fixtures, your home will be inefficient, drafty and uncomfortable.

Yes – an air-sealed home requires a controlled fresh air supply for healthy indoor air quality. We provide several options to bring conditioned fresh air in and control moisture.

That depends. Geothermal systems are great for homes facing prolonged and extreme outdoor temperatures. In moderate climates, we’ve found that very energy-efficient homes can maintain comfortable indoor air temperatures without the substantial expense of a geothermal system.

Yes. We have homes in 18 states.

Yes, we will. You’ll receive an energy report from a 3rd party energy rater plus a 2-year Residential Energy Guarantee backed by Bonded Builders Warranty Group after you have moved in and your home has been tested.

Yes. Today’s systems are reliable and quite affordable with federal tax credits and incentives available in many areas. These systems can provide you with complete or partial energy independence.