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Compare 3-D Models with Built Home

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Some of us have trouble imagining what a new home will look just by looking at floor plans and 2-D elevations. That’s why we’re thrilled about 3-D modeling. Make a change to your plans during design, and we can immediately show you the results in 3-D! Skeptical that your home will actually look like the model after it’s built? This Modern Farmhouse proves it can! All you need is a builder who follows detailed plans.

This model view shows how passive solar design lets solar energy in to provide free heat and abundant daylighting in the winter. See how the windows on the actual home are shaded by overhangs to keep summer sun out? Look closely, and you’ll also see part of a 3kW+ solar electric system on the south-facing roof of the north section of the house.

Interior Space Planning

The furniture and finishes aren’t in place yet, but you can see the fireplace and stairs are just where they were designed to be. As this model shows, an open floor plan lets you see from the living room into the kitchen and through the sliding glass doors of the dining room. Ever thought of choosing a see-through fireplace? This model is positioned to be a focal point for both the living and dining rooms.

A Rise and Shine Kitchen

Greet the day and all of its possibilities in a kitchen where the morning sun is streaming through east-facing windows! A 3-D model can show you what that will look like in advance. Did you know that flowering plants like the Moth Orchid, Begonia, and Cape or Chinese Primrose do well in east light? And when it’s time to work at the sink, what’s better than expanding your horizons to the outdoors.

Check out what’s going on in the dining and living rooms when you’re standing at this spacious kitchen island. Being able to see and change your interior views is invaluable during the design phase. Want to see how the rooms look from above? That’s possible too!

Retreat to a Window-Seat Alcove

What better place to hang out and relax than a window seat alcove in the master bedroom? Window seats offer great storage options – from pull out drawers, to hinged lids, and open cubbies. You’re only limited by your imagination! And if you have furry, 4-legged family members, get ready to share this private retreat!

Transition Space Creates Privacy

This upper level transition space between the Master Bedroom and children’s rooms creates privacy while allowing easy, same floor accessibility. East and west-facing windows welcome healthy, natural daylight into the space eliminating much of the need for artificial lighting. Make a U-turn in either direction at the top of the stairs to get to the Master Bedroom. Wonder how solid half-walls would look instead of see-through stair railing? Just ask to see the 3-D model view!


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