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Home for Life

Home-for-life design gives you easy access to all of the rooms you need for daily living on one floor. It makes it possible for you to stay in your home longer – even as you age.

Home-for-life design is especially helpful if you or a family member becomes disabled, injured, or physically handicapped. While home-for-life features can be added to existing homes, they are much easier and less expensive to include when you are building new.


  • Wider than normal hallways and doors to accommodate walkers or wheelchairs;
  • No (or minimal) changes in elevation between the garage, entry, and main floor;
  • Roll-in bathroom showers;
  • Skylights and increased lighting in areas for reading, working, hobbies, and exercise;
  • Drawers instead of traditional cabinets under kitchen counters for easy access to contents;
  • Lever-style door knobs, drawer and cabinet pulls;
  • Easy-care floors that prevent slipping and tripping.

In a multi-story home, you can assure access to all floors by planning for an elevator or chair lift.

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